what’s the best way to travel overland from bali to bangkok? what mustn’t i miss?


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karisa_tine :

i am on a trip around the world at the moment, after central and south america i am now in nz. then fiji and australia, then asia.

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No way you can do overland from Bali to Bangkok. There is a thousand over km of water in between!
Well, since you will be in Bali, I guess you will be flying there from Australia or ferry from the North, your best bet will be to take a flight to Singapore and use it for overland trip northward to Bangkok. Want a slow and scenic pace? Take the rail train. Spend some time in Singapore to look around a modern city, then head up north countryside.
Try a stop at the old Portugese township of Malacca on the west coast. Stop at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital before going up to Bkk. If you can stop by Phuket, Hatyai along the way. This should help you take in more sights. Have a great time.

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