Where should I travel next?


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Marie McKnow :

I have some money saved up now and was thinking about taking a trip. Here are some places I’d like to go…

AFRICA: Egypt, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya
CENTRAL AMERICA: Costa Rica, Guatemala/Mexico(see the Mayans)
OCEANIA: Australia, NZ, Tasmania
ASIA: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China

So where would you go? I have a few grand thus far.
radiology technician
Been to Paris and Amsterdam, but yes those are neat places. ^_^

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Eygpt, or China.

Be safe on all your travels!



See the mayans. beautiful place


brazil-amazon forest
australia-great barrier reef
new zealand
road trip around all states of usa


china will be great,esp.beijing because it must be looked great after olympics

Starr G

Central America..If you havent done so already. I have a great website where you can book your trip at a great price

Also, if you’re interested in traveling at a cheaper rate, Please let me know.

Dudley D

Sri Lanka.(it is not in your list of Asia)
this is a nice small Island country in Indian ocean.
if interesting please visit my website.

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