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michelle b :

My best friend and I want to travel for 6 months to a year, but would like to work temporary jobs to help us pay the expenses as we go. Two girls, age 22, both college graduates looking for an experience of a lifetime. Any ideas on traveling between countries and working?? We love warm weather… we are thinking Central America, South East Asia, or anywhere in the Pacific like Guam, Australia, New Zealand. Any ideas or experiences would be great! We are Christians and are open any type of missions work as well. Thanks!!!

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I would look into teaching English in a country. You get lots of time off and can travel to and from the country when you have time off. It’s often difficult to get a work visa, especially in countries in South America or SE Asia.
Off the top of my head, here is some work you may consider (most work of this kind will not be paid, most very poor countries are more in need of volunteers) (my brother was thinking of going on this trip, he lives in Alaska)
Anyway, I worked in New Zealand for a few weeks when I had just graduated college, but it was under the table work for a friend’s parents, who live there.
If I were you I would start typing in stuff like “work around the world,” “international volunteer,” “alternatives to Peace Corp,” and so on into Google and see what comes up.


Guam wouldn’t be your best bet. The island is so small there isn’t much to do there, except being a tourist! It would be very very hard for you to get a job because they go by “who you know, not what you know.” Personally, I would go to the “bigger places” first and when funds are met, tour the smaller places (vacay) on my way back to the states or wherever your from. Good Luck.


If you travel slowly, there are some places you can stretch a limited supply of money out for a long time, South East Asia and India are the best for this in my experience. Australia and New Zealand will make a big dent in your funds. A lot of people teach English in Asia to earn money while travelling, it’s flexible and provides an opportunity to meet local people. For the highest paid jobs, you will be best to consider obtaining a TEFL (teach English as a foreign language) certificate and securing work before you leave home. On the other hand, if you want maximum flexibility, there is plenty of work to be picked up in South East Asia for native English speakers without a qualification. In rural areas, payment is often in the form of food and lodgings. While not as lucrative, staying with a family in rural Vietnam and chatting to the kids in English for a few hours a day may be a more rewarding experience than working at a University in a major city.

I recommend you take most of the money with you from home, and stretch it out for as long as possible by staying in Asia and travelling slow, you’ll be surprised by how long it will last and the diversity of what you will experience in South East Asia.

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