Which continent do you most want to visit? or region of the word?


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Jumping Trains :

North America
South America
Central America
Middle East
Pacific Islands
Australia (and New Zealand)

If you have to travel around 1 of those which would you pick?

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Iain D

North America. No don’t get proud Americans I would go to Canada


Europe is definitely the most interesting to me because the cultures of each country are so varied, as well as the architecture, languages, and scenery.


Asia…no competition


south america then the carribbean. since i already live in us europe wouldnt be too much different in a general sense. id go for the natural beauty. and btw wheres africa man???? id go there before s. america or carribbean

Susana Spears

Well, I am so much eager to visit Middle East and the countries there like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia. I want to see the traditional culture over there.


Europe im from the u.s.a. so a change of geography would be nice. Jaime France!

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