Why do some people think that Balkanites are dark?


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ੴCόοl Βάby ઇઉ :

I am Romanian and i live in Greece.My father (Romanian) when he traveled outside of Greece people told him that Greeks must look like Mongol Slav people but kinda darker cause are Mediterraneans.And The same they told him about Romanian people.Romanians they look like Greeks cause partly they decent from them (just like Ukrainians, Polish and Croatians) they have white skin (hello Greeks do not belong to Western European Race western Europeans have golden tan and South Westerns have dark tan),they are middle tall or Tall but their skin in summer gets RED not tan and i have met Greeks who have as much deep red skin as red Indians (TRUE) or they have this yellowish skin.And i don’t understand to be accepted they must be as how they really want them to be to be accepted or more European.Romans came from western Europe and Nordic lands but Greeks came from Siberia,Eastern Russia (Uralic mountains) Cicrassia and Central Asia.Generally Greeks have VERY high cheekbones round faces and smaller eyes from the average European but not slatted.

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Jacques Mourinho

Wow! do you worry about that colour skin issue?
Are you in 1939 Germany or are you in 2009 European Union?
I’m Portuguese and i’m 100% proud of my history and all the people that lived here: the Fenitians, Greeks, Lusitanians, Romans, Celts, Sweves, Moors, Vikings, Francs, Africans, and many many other.
The Moor heritage is teached in schools since the XIX Century, and we all know the good things they left us here.
Tolerance is a keyword in Portuguese society and believe me, here Christians, Muslims and Jews are friends and all work for a better society and commonwealth.
Finally, do you know the most powerful man in the world is Black? (Obama is his name…)


Most people have never even traveled to the Balkans, so they have no idea what they’re talking about. Plenty (and I really do mean PLENTY) of people in the Balkans – from the north to the south – have very light skin, are blonde or have light brown hair and light (blue/green/hazel) eyes. I think most of these light haired/light eyed people are descendants from the Celts, Trachians, Illyrians, Dacians and Slavs (who came from the Ukraine/Poland area). Perhaps even some Germanic tribes (Goths) contributed to these light features. Who knows… Either way, South-Eastern Europe is much blonder than South-Western Europe. That’s for sure.


if you mean some western europeans as a Tv viewing people they know wars during 1990’s generally Balkan identity is such a problematic category has many different races

Elany du 13 ←

Color skin doesn’t matter…

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