In all your travels where was the worst place you’ve ever been?


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BigBadWolf :

I’m somewhat of a world traveler Been to north south and central America. been to most of Asia and africa. not may places left for me to see in Europe. I’ve seen people with wealth beyond measure and people so poor their dream was simply to someday send they children to a school.
But no where was I ever treated as badly and rudely as when I went to Port-au-Prince Haiti! of course I was there in 2005 and the violence in the streets was really horrorfic
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How about you? what’s your worse place?

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Bus station in Newark, NJ. Hideous! Disgusting, too.

Marilyn T

Kennedy airport in New York and Newark airport in New Jersey.They were both hell.Now when I fly to the US I make sure we don’t have to stop in either one.

The Mrs.

Just curious why you went to Haiti? Isn’t that one of the most dangerous places to go?

Anyways, I haven’t been that many places but the worst place i’ve been is through the neighborhoods of Highland Park, Michigan. Looks like an Atom bomb went through the place and with the crackheads and prostitutes, you’ll be lucky not to catch HIV just from breathing the air.

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