Thinking about traveling summer 2009-where should I go?

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paris.lydia :

I just got out of college and jumped into the real world. When my lease is up in March, I am quitting my job (don’t tell my boss!) and I want to travel! I want to stay in hostels etc. and I want to really experience each country. In the least, I want to visit a few countries in Central America, Take the train around Europe, and possibly do Asia/Australia.
In the fall, I will settle back down and get a “real” job again. I feel like this summer is really the best opportunity for me to do this!

Any ideas of how to organize my trip? What are some places I should definitely see?


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Numaan A

you should go to Hong Kong (China) … BEAUTIFUL … i love’d it!

i’m going again but in 2010 … just after i leave college!

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