Experiences travelling around/outside of Europe?

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Ok well one of my goals is to travel and visit countries outside of Europe. I live in the UK, and have so far been to countries in West and Central Europe, having experienced no problems at all and also the fact that I have relatives from those countries makes me feel more “at home” whilst in those places. However, I did get quite a lot of unfriendly stares when me and my parents decided to visit Naples for our last summer holiday possibly due to my lighter complexion and the fact that I can’t speak a word of Italian anyway, let alone their local dialect – also once when I was wearing shorts and a top that showed my stomach due to the hot weather and high open toed sandals, I got heavily stared at by many of the local men, one of them stopped on a moped, looked at me for a few seconds and made a “kissy face” at me before speeding off. Also, the same kind of thing happened when I went to Barcelona on a school trip, though we were in the presence of teachers at all times. I want to someday visit places outside of Europe, like places in Asia, Africa or the Caribbean but I’ve heard the locals in those kinds of places don’t take too kindly to strangers, especially as the languages can be more difficult to pick up. Is this true?

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BooNaaNaa =]

Most of the Caribbean has loads of tourist, so you wont be seen as strangers or stared at; in fact, the Caribbean was one of the friendliest places i’ve been!
In Africa, depending on where you go, you may look different, not only because you may be the only white person, but you will look wealthy
In Asia, the larger cities have large numbers of tourists all the time, so you wont be seen as a stranger or be stared at.

Like you said about Barcelona and Naples, those cities are full of Catholic churches and building, all of which require people to cover their shoulders and knees to go into. So if you was wearing shorts and tank tops that might be the reason for you being stared at? Also, in those countries, they often avoid going out during the middle of the day because its so hot, so you may have been stared at by locals thinking “damn, England people are crazy going out in this heat!”

As long as you behave respectfully, most countries are very welcoming and friendly to tourists. I have never experienced anyone being rude or nasty to me because I’m a stranger :)

Hope I helped!!

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