Istanbul airport to Istanbul downtown?


in Turkey


Hi, I am travelling to Uzbekistan by Turkish airlines. In Istanbul airport I have a to wait about 9 hours. How long does it take to travel from the airport to downtown and comeback to airport on time? What do you recommend to take taxi or subway? What attractions could be seen in Istanbul?

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I think, You mean Ataturk airport …
(Because another airport is Sabiha Gokcen, and it is Asia Side)

There is subway in Ataturk Airport,
My advice you can use it …

Welcome !


it depends on what time you want to travel. because there’s usually traffic and if there is- it takes min. 1 hour to get to downtown.
but if you take the subway you can reach the historical places like hagia sophia and sultanahmet. or there are shopping malls to spend time.
but to get back to the airport i think you must leave where you are before 3 hours min. nothing is guaranteed to get to somewhere in istanbul.


i’d suggest you to go to the historical old city by the subway and tram, the old city is closer to the airport (takes 40min-1 hr btw) you’ll see most of the famous historical attractions in sultanahmet and be at the airport at least 2 hrs before your flight, in case something happens

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