which is the cheapest ex-russian state to visit?


in Russia

Mr.Kool :

i have a passion to travel to one of the states of ex russian federation.Like Georgia,Ukraine,Uzbekistan or Estonia etc.But I am a little limited with the budget.And I heard hotels can be expensive in these countries.So,I would like to know which is the cheapest country to visit and if some one can advise me any figure off the budget for a month stay in that state,will be great.Also,if some has visited multiple states,and can compare the beauty,fun,clubs,beaches and budget,will be helpful,thanks.

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The cheapist is Moldova if to talk about european part. If to talk about middle Asia its Tadjikistan,Uzbekistan,Turkmenia,but its islam and no much of fun there:D

Victoria B

If you are from EU you don’t need a visa to Ukraine which makes it cheaper and prices for products are not too expensive.


Ok. Ukraine is no little part of Russia! I’m a Ukrainian and what I have to say is that it’s cheap, at some places but you will have a lot of fun if you go to right places and find right people.! Hope u have fun…

Due in October with #1

Best place to go is Jurmala Latvia.
It’s a beach resort town. That’s where my husband was born before he was moved to Siberia.

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