A Sensor Flush Valve Creates a Cleaner Bathroom

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Sanitation is a big issue whether you are at home or in a public area. One of the dirtiest places in a home or store, office or all other areas is the bathroom. It is a place that most people avoid when they are out in public. If they must venture in, they are careful to avoid touching things. They use towels to touch doors and faucets, feet to flush toilets, and a variety of other creative things. If you own a business, one of the best things you can do for the people who visit you is give them an easier way when they visit your restroom. A sensor flush valve is really all that it takes.

What is a Sensor Flush Valve?

The sensor flush valve is a tiny thing that connects to the flush valve on the toilet. It has a little eye or sensor on it that senses movement. This means that as the light changes within the bathroom because of a person moving close to and then away from the toilet, the sensor does the dirty work of flushing. It does so by triggering the arm within the toilet so that it feels as if the toilet was manually flushed.

Why Install a Sensor Flush Valve?

Most people do not like touching the toilet at all and it has led to some very creative ways of actually flushing. They may flush while holding paper, which wastes it or they may stand on one leg, which creates a chance of them falling inside of your bathroom. Both of these things can be bad for you and your company. As a worst case scenario, a person who wants to avoid touching anything in that area, may opt to not flush at all. This may gross out others who do feel the need to visit that room because no one wants to see what someone else may have left behind. In this case, it will be you or your employees that have to go clean the bathroom. Instead of risking it, why not install it?

Will It Work On Your Toilets?

A sensor flush valve can be installed on any type of toilet that you may have. However, they are mostly designed to work on commercial toilets or those that are in a business of some kind. This is because although still a dirty area, most people do feel confident about what they touch in their bathrooms at home.
If you have a toilet that you want to install a sensor on and you are not sure if it will work or how to do it; you can ask for help. Your toilet manufacturer should be able to guide you in making the right choice. If they are not able to answer your questions, you will be able to contact the sensor valve manufacturer or a professional plumber. Either way, you should be able to find something that will work for you, regardless of what type of toilets you have. You just never know unless you are willing to ask for help and explore all of the options that are available to you.

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